Note: Loafs and full pies should be in a clear plastic bag with a tie, smaller baking should be in clear Ziplock type bags —please DO NOT cover with saran wrap.

Prizes: 1st $6.00 2nd.$5.00 3rd $4.00 unless otherwise stated.

Yeast products

F01 Bread, white 1 loaf

F02 Bread 100% whole wheat 1 loaf

F03 Bread, cheese, 1 loaf

F04 Bread, 1 pumpernickel, round

F05 Cinnamon rolls, 3, with icing

F06 Chelsea buns 9 or more

F07 Sour dough bread, 1 loaf

Quick Breads

F08 Poppyseed bread, 1 loaf

F09 Plain Tea biscuits—3

F10 Cornbread

F11 Savoury Cheese Tea Biscuits 3


F12 Lemon Squares—3

F13 Buttertart Squares 3

F14 Date squares, 3

F15 Nanaimo Bars - 3


F16 Gingerbread cookies, 3

F17 Chocolate chip cookies, 3

F18 Peanut butter cookies, 3

F19 Shortbread cookies, 3

F20 Oatmeal raisin cookies, 3

F21 Sugar Cookies , plain, 3


 (Do Not Use Paper Cups)

F22 Bran muffins with raisins, 3

F23 Blueberry muffins, 3

F24 Lemon/Cranberry muffins, 3

F25 Orange Date muffins, 3

F26 Pumpkin muffins

Loaf Cakes

F27 Zucchini Loaf, with chocolate chips

F28 Cranberry loaf

F29 Banana loaf - may contain nuts, raisins, chocolate chips

F30 Lemon loaf—glazed

F31 Cherry loaf


F32 Vanilla pound cake, 1 loaf

F33 Carrot cake, may contain nuts, raisins and/or pineapple, no icing/frosting

F34 Any flavor/size cake, decorated as a scarecrow face

F35 Cupcakes, decorated, 3, fall theme


F36 Butter tarts, with raisins , 3

F37 Raspberry coconut tarts, 3

F38 Nut tarts, 3

F39 Coconut tarts, 3

F40 Apple pie 

F41 Strawberry/Rhubarb pie

F42 Cherry Pie with lattice top

Gluten Free

F43 Any variety bread

F44 Any variety squares - 3

F45 Any variety cookies - 3

F46 Any variety muffins - 3

F47 Any variety cake  


F48 Chocolate fudge, no nuts approx. 1/2lb

F49 Maple fudge, no nuts, Approx. 1/2 lb.

F50 Candy popcorn, no nuts, approx. 3 cups

F51 1/2 Pint Jar Granola Any variety      


Director Special

Prizes :1st—$ 10.00, 2nd $ 6.00 , 3rd $ 4.00

F55 Hostess Plate of squares/and or cookies, at least 3 different varieties, 3 of each

F56 “Welcome to my Farm” Gift basket made up as follows: at least 1 product from baking section, 1 product from canning/preserves section, and at least one product from vegetable/and or fruit section.

Will be judged on variety of items in basket, as well as attractiveness of entry.

Ontario Association of

Agricultural Societies Special

The winner chosen of Class F36 will be asked to prepare and present 5 buttertarts on a paper plate to compete at the District competition in October 2022. The winner of the District competition will move on to the Provincial competition held in February 2023 O.A.A.S. rules will govern the entry.