Commercial, Canning and Preserves

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                           Notes: 1 lb = 500 grams 2021 honey crop may be shown in the honey classes.

                         All honey samples with more than 18% moisture content will be downgraded.

                                   Only those samples with proper density are eligible for 1st prize.

Prizes: 1st $6.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00

Please see OAAS specials for honey classes 

H09 Light honey Glass container 1 lb

H10 Amber honey Glass container 1 lb

H11 Dark honey Glass container 1 lb

H12 Solid honey crystallized or creamed 1 lb

H13 Comb honey one section 4” x 4” approx.

Maple Products

Syrup will be judged on the following basis:

20 points for density

45 points for flavor

10 points for colour

15 points for clarity = 90 points

Consisting of four classes: Golden Delicate, Amber, Dark, Very Dark.

All exhibits should be in 250 ml bottles. Correct containers are available from the chairperson of this section.

Maple products

Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $4.00, 4th $3.00


H01 Golden Delicate 2 containers

H02 Amber 2 containers

H03 Dark 2 containers

H04 Very Dark 2 containers 

H05 Soft Sugar (sugar candy) approx 1 lb

H06 Hard Sugar approx 1 lb

H07 Stirred Maple sugar (granular) two 250 ml mason type jars

H08 Maple butter two 250 ml mason type jars

Canning and Preserves Section

Note: All entries must be in correct size jars, with finger- tightened lids.

Please no freezer jam, we lack the required refrigerated facilities. Please attach entry tags with elastics

Prizes: 1st $3.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd $1.00

Jams and Jellies

1/2 pint jar or larger

G01 Summer fruit jam

G02 Raspberry jam Tame

G03 Raspberry jam Wild

G04 Strawberry jam Tame

G05 Strawberry & rhubarb jam

G06 Combination Jam 2 fruits, Named.

G07 Peach jam

G08 Blackberry jam

G09 Crabapple jelly

G10 Chokecherry jelly

G11 Rhubarb jam

G12 Orange marmalade

G13 Onion/Garlic jelly - mild

G14 Pepper jelly

G15 Hot Pepper jelly

G16 Any other variety jam/jelly


Canning to be sealed in one pint jars or larger

G17 Pear halves

G18 Peach slices/chunks

G19 Fruit salad

G20 Apple sauce

G21 Whole cranberry sauce

G22 Crabapple spiced

G23 Strawberries

G24 Any other canned fruit 


Canning to be sealed in one pint jars or larger

G25 Chili sauce

G26 Sweet mixed pickles

G27 Bread & Butter Pickles

G28 Pickled Onions

G29 Mustard Beans

G30 Mustard Cucumber Pickles

G31 Pickled Cauliflower

G32 Sweet Zucchini Pickles

G33 Corn Relish

G34 Relish you would use on a hotdog

G35 Salsa

G36 Pickled beets, sliced

G37 Pickled carrots

G38 Fruit chutney

G39 9 day pickles

G40 Dilly beans

G41 Summer in a Jar pickles

G42 Pickled sauerkraut - can be from previous year

G43 Any other sauce

G44 Any other pickled vegetable

The following to be sealed in one quart jars or equivalent

G45-46 can be from previous year

G45 Dill pickles, any style, with garlic

G46 Dill pickles, any style, no garlic


G 47 One dozen White Grade A Large

G 48 One Dozen Brown Grade A Large

Bernardin Home Canning Fair Awards

For recipes and helpful hints on home canning visit:

G49 Bernardin Best Jam/Jelly Award 

Best Jam/Jelly from 1st prize winners in G01 to G15 must be submitted in a Bernardin mason jar and snap lid,, 1/2 pint jar or larger

Prize: 1st only—$20.00 gift certificate (plus rosette ribbon)

Require Bernardin Pectin package or UPC as proof of purchase

G50 Bernardin Gift Pack Competition

Items submitted in Bernardin mason jars and snap lids, One Jam or jelly in 1/2 pint jar or larger,1 fruit in pint jar or larger ,1 pickle or salsa in pint jar or larger. displayed in a decorated basket or box.

Judging will be based on creativity, quality of home canned product, perceived value and appropriateness of entry.

Prize: 1st only—$20.00 gift certificate (plus rosette ribbon)

Use of Bernardin Mason Jar/Snap lid must accompany each entry

G51 Bernardin Best of Show Award

Judges choice of Best Home Canning from among qualifiers, Item must be submitted in Bernardin mason jar & snap lid

Prize: 1st only— $ 30.00 Gift Certificate (plus rosette ribbon)