Field, Fruit and Garden

 Fred Sprathoff 789-2779

Co-Chair Peter Rosbottom   

B01 Tallest sunflower

B02 Sunflower 1 head ripe

B03 Sunflower head largest

B04 Life size scarecrow must have two legs and must be able to be used in a corn field

C01 Sweet Potato/Yam

C02 Potatoes red 6 tubers

C03 Potatoes white 6 tubers

C04 Potatoes AOV, 6 tubers

C05 Potatoes 12 tubers red

C06 Potatoes 12 tubers white

C07 Potatoes 12 tubers AOV

C08 3 litre basket seed potato, AV

C09 Potatoes 20 tubers red

C10 Potatoes 20 tubers white

C11 Potatoes 20 tubers AOV

C12 Potato collection-two varieties, Two 3 litre baskets, named

C13 The heaviest Potato    

C14 $5.00 for the best twelve Potatoes at the Fair Donated by Huntsville and District Agricultural 


 D01 Beans green, 6 pods

D02 Beans yellow, 6 pods

D03 Beans burgundy, 6 pods

D04 Beets 4 roots cylinder or long type

D05 Beets 4 roots pickling Under 2 1/2” diameter

D06 Beets pickling 1 litre basket

D07 Beets 4 roots globe for table use 2 1/2” diameter preferred

D08 Carrot 4 roots, short not over 3” long

D09 Carrots 4 roots round globe type

D10 Carrots 4 roots intermediate 3 to 6 1/2” long

D11 Carrots 4 roots long over 6 1/2” long

D12 Citron 1

D13 Cabbage ball head 1 head

D14 Cabbage Savoy 1 head

D15 Cabbage Red 1 head

D16 Cabbage largest over 7” in diameter.

D17 Kale, 1 head

D18 Kohlrabi, 1, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2”

D19 Kohlrabi ,1 ,over 3 1/2”

D20 Celery 1 head

D21 Corn sweet 2 ears for table use

D22 Corn AOV for table use, 2 ears. Could be all white or bicolor, e.g. Peaches & cream

D23 Cucumbers 2 English type

D24 Cucumbers 2 ripe

D25 Cucumbers 2 green for table use not English

D26 Cucumbers pickling 1/2 litre basket

D27 Cucumbers lemon 2

D28 Largest cucumber by weight

D29 Garlic 3 Bulbs not over 2 1/2 “

D30 Garlic Elephant

D31 Onions from seed 4

D32 Onions from sets 4

D33 Onions Multipliers 1 litre basket

D34 Leeks 2

D35 Parsnips 5

D36 Swiss chard white 1 head

D37 Swiss chard red or multicolor 1 head

D38 Pumpkin pie variety 1

D39 Pumpkin 2 Miniature or decorative type

D40 Pumpkin white skin variety 1

D41 Pumpkin 1 Atlantic giant type, do not confuse with D84

D42 Squash, 1 buttercup

D43 Squash 1 Butternut

D44 Squash 1 Pepper

D45 Squash 1 Pepper white or golden

D46 Squash 1 White scallop

D47 Squash 1 Blue Hubbard

D48 Squash 1 Golden Hubbard

D49 Squash 1 Green Hubbard

D50 Heaviest Zucchini

D51 Squash 1 Zucchini not over 8”

D52 Squash 1 Zucchini Largest Mature

D53 Squash 1 Sweet potato

D54 Squash Spaghetti

D55 Squash 1 AOV not listed above, named, may include any hybrid variety of any of the above, i.e.  

         Sweet Mama– the Cupless Buttercup

D56 Ornamental Gourds 3

D57 Tomatoes ripe 1 1/2 to 2 1/2” diameter 4

D58 Tomatoes, Green over 1 1/2” diameter 4

D59 Tomatoes Cherry or small 1/2 litre box

D60 Tomatoes Cherry or small fruited variety green 1/2 litre box

D61 Tomatoes 4 ripe beefsteak

D62 Tomatoes 4 ripe Italian

D63 Tomatoes 4 green Italian

D64 Tomatoes 4 yellow or orange variety

D65 Peppers 2 sweet red

D66 Peppers 2 sweet yellow

D67 Peppers 3 any other variety

D68 Peppers 2 sweet green

D69 Vegetable marrow 1

D70 Watermelon 1

D71 Turnips for table use,2 roots

D72 Beets Globe 3 litre basket

D73 Beets Cylinder 3 litre basket

D74 Carrots 3 litre basket AV

D75 Onions from sets 3 litre basket

D76 Onions from seed 3 litre basket

D77 Large Connecticut field or traditional Halloween type Pumpkin

D78 Tomatoes green 3 litre basket

D79 Tomatoes ripe 3 litre basket

D80 Tomatoes Italian 3 litre basket ripe

D81 Tomatoes Italian 3 litre basket green

D82 Peppers 3 litre basket could consist of one or more varieties

D83 Halloween Jack o Lantern carved from pumpkin (can be purchased)

D84 Largest Squash or Pumpkin

D85 Small display of garden produce

            To consist of any six of the following varieties: Carrot, Beet, Onion, Pepper, Tomato, Corn,

           Cucumber, Eggplant, Squash, Potato, Garlic, Kohlrabi or Turnip. 

D86 Apples AV - 5

D87 Crabapples—AV - 12

D88 Any other variety of Fruit  

D89 Apples AV 3 litre basket

D90 Crabapple AV 3 litre basket