Chair Person: Bill Martin 705-349-1314

Co-Chair: Roseanne Seely   

Cut Flowers


Exhibitors must supply their own containers in all sections. Containers do not influence the judge but should be clean.Only the variety asked for is judged. All flowers must be grown by exhibitor, unless specified. Judging is by Ontario Horticultural judging standards. Clean all stems of leaves if underwater

Prizes: 1st $3.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd $1.00

E01 Asters 3 blooms annual

E02 Asters 3 stalks perennial

E03 Chrysanthemums 3 blooms

E04 Chrysanthemums 3 sprays

E05 Cosmos 3 stems

E06 Dahlias—ball—3 blooms

E07 Dahlias, under 5”,3 blooms

E08 Dahlias, over 5” - 1 bloom E09 Dahlias, 6 blooms in a basket

E10 Gladiolus—1 spike

E11 Gladiolus—3 spikes

E12 Hydrangea-pee gee—1 stem

E13 Hydrangea—Annabelle—1 stem

E14 Marigolds,french,6 blooms

E15 Marigolds,african,3 blooms

E16 Nasturtium—4 stems

E17 Pansies-5 stems with foliage

E18 Petunias-single-3 stems

E19 Phlox—3 stalks

E20 Rose—1 bloom

E21 Rose—3 blooms

E22 Rose-miniature-1 bloom

E23 Rose—miniature-3 blooms

E24 Rudbeckia—3 stems

E25 Snapdragons—3 spikes

E26 Sweet Peas—3 spikes— AV—annual or perennial

E27 Zinnia—under 2”-3 blooms

E28 Zinnia—over 2” - 3 blooms

E29 Collection of annuals, AOV,3 varieties, 2 stems of each, named

E30 Collection of perennials, AOV, 3 varieties, 2 stems of each, named

E31 AOV—annual, 3 stems, Named

E32 AOV perennial, 3 stems Named

E33 AOV Daisy—3 blooms

E34 Helianthus (sunflower) AV—1 spike

E35 double petunias—3 stems

E36 coneflower—3 blooms

Potted Flowers

Note: Judges have the right to withhold awards if in their opinion the entry is not worthy of a prize.

AOV means any other variety other than the ones listed already in their own specific category.

AV means any variety in the species called for.

Hint: Cut Gladiolus stem approx 15” from last floret—if Gladiolus colour not showing de-tip.

Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00

E37 African Violet –single-in bloom—1 crown

E38 African Violet –double-in Bloom—1 crown

E39 Begonia –wax-in bloom1plant

E40 Begonia –AOV fibrous-1 plant

E41 Begonia –tuberous-in bloom- 1 plant

E42 Cactus—succulent collection 3 plants

E43 Coleus—single plant

E44 Fern - any variety

E45 Fuchsia only –1container

E46 Geranium Ivy or scented only 1 container

E47 Geranium - 1 plant in bloom

E48 Ivy - any variety

E49 AOV –hanging flowering plant Named –in bloom

E50 AOV foliage plant –named- in hanging container

E51 AOV flowering plant - named in bloom

E52 AOV foliage plant –named

E53 Collection of 3 herbs –named

E54 Collection of 3 house plants ( 3 different varieties )

E55 Container display, using a Variety of plants

E56 Orchid—AV   

Design Section

Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00

Flowers or vegetables in arrangements do not have to be grown by exhibitor– accessories allowed

E57 “You are my Sunshine” miniature arrangement—not to exceed 5“ in any direction

E58 Celebration –an arrangement to celebrate Canada’s great outdoors

E59 So you are getting married—a table arrangement for a wedding shower

E60 Autumn Leaves—an arrangement using fall leaves. Flowers may Also be added, but only as an accent.

E61 “Harvest Time” - A decoration for door—to celebrate Thanksgiving, must be able to hang

E62 Decorated Flower

Best In Show—Sponsored by the Huntsville Horticultural Society– Ribbon and $25.00 prize.