Prize money: 1st-$3.00,2nd-$2.00,3rd-$1.00

Hint— Multiple Vegetables, Judge will look for matching sizes

Suggestion— Small Vegetables can be on sturdy paper plate.

Open to all Junior and Intermediate, Preschool/Daycare to Age 18

A school class / Daycare may enter as long as the students collectively have cared for the item. Enter under the teacher’s name on tag and School./Daycare

VG-1—Longest piece of twitch grass pulled from your garden. NOT regular grass

VG-2—3 carrots

VG-3—3 large green tomatoes

VG-4—3 beet roots

VG-5—3 large ripe tomatoes

VG-6—2 table cucumbers

VG-7—most unusually shaped vegetable

VG-8—3 onions

VG-9—Largest Halloween type pumpkin

VG-10—3 potatoes, any variety

VG-11—Collection of 5 vegetables

VG-12—Heaviest zucchini

VG-13—Make a vegetable critter using 3 or more types of vegetables

VG-14—3 eating type apples—not crab

VG-15— 3 Crabapples

VG-16—3 cherry/grape red tomatoes

VG-17—3 cherry/grape green tomatoes

VG-18—Any pair of vegetables

VG-19—Vegetable critter using 6 or more vegetables

VG-20-—Any other type of fruit or vegetable not mentioned above